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Available at the AppStore, the most comprehensive trading journal app available for the iPad. Get yours today and employ powerful features like:

Multiple Journal Support

Easily create and manage as many journal accounts as you require to reflect all your active and paper trading accounts.

Easy Trade Entry

Record your trades quickly and easily with the easy to use trade entry screen.

Detailed Trade List

View your recorded trading history and individual trade details at the same time with a single tap.

Multilevel Sorting

Sort your trade list by not only by one type of trade data, but two. Use this feature to expose many different views of your trading history.

Advanced Filtering

Filter your trades by an almost unlimited amount of possible combinations. Dig deeper into your trading history to reveal new perspectives of your past performance.

Dynamic Graphing Engine

Create customized grpahs on the fly with the powerfull dynamic graphing engine.

Account Summries

All the math is done for you. The account summaries display all the data you’ll need to understand the numbers behind your trading behavior.